Wednesday, May 10, 2017

100 REFLECTIONS: The Sages of Concord #33drawing of Thoreau by his Quaker Friend, Daniel Ricketson

Drawing of Thoreau by his Quaker friend, Daniel Ricketson

It has been the lot of but few, dear Henry, to extract so much from life as you have done. Although you number fewer years than many who have lived wisely before you, yet I know of no one, either in the past or present times, who has drank so deeply from the sempiternal spring of truth and knowledge, or who in the poetry and beauty of every-day life has enjoyed more or contributed more to the happiness of others. Truly you have not lived in vain – your works, and above all, your brave and truthful life, will become a precious treasure to those whose happiness it has been to have known you, and wo will continue to uphold though with feebler hands the fresh and instructive philosophy you have taught them. . .
                                                Ever faithfully yours, Dan’l Ricketson

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